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Why Parents and Teachers Should Prioritize Maker Education

Let’s face it.  At 18 or 19, most kids really don’t know what jobs are even out there, let alone what skills they need to pursue those jobs.  Heck, I would bet that at 36, most people still don’t know what career options are available […]

Thinking, and Tinkering, and Tech-ing, Oh My!

In speaking to other professionals in education, I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of opinions about what students should be doing in the makerspace.  Some will say to give the students the freedom to tinker.  Others will say you should be focused on design thinking […]

Makerspaces: Where Teachers Thrive, Too!

Makerspaces: Where Teachers Thrive, Too!

You’ve heard it said, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”  As a teacher, I used to cringe every time I heard it.  For one, I know that being a teacher is a talent in and of itself.  But I think what really bothered […]

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