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Hello!  My name is Megan Kolla, and I am a Math and Technology Lead Teacher in a Philadelphia school. My job is to support teachers and students in best practices and the incorporation of classroom technology. I have played a key role in developing blended learning, makerspace education, and learning through socialized play at my school. I have a MEd in Elementary Education from Holy Family University and a second MEd in General Education from Penn State University. Teaching math is my jam, but I do have a lot of different hobbies and interests, and  I’ve found that most of them can be explored through the makerspace platform.

With a little help from our friends, my school has been able to build a makerspace for students to  gather and share materials, tools, technology, expertise, and ideas in order to create and innovate.  As my own experience with the maker movement evolves, I am increasingly obsessed with learning more about makerspaces, STEM and STEAM education, design thinking, and genius hour.  This is my passion project, and I’ve created this website as a forum to share my personal journey with the makerspace from its inception, including  its successes and failures.  This website will also serve to share my expertise and projects within the realm of STEAM, especially technology and math.  And I would like to invite  readers to share your thoughts, ideas, and makerspace experiences as well.  Thanks for visiting!


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